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Robokart XBee 2MW Wire Antenna - Series 2C

  • Low-power module uses only ~33 mA to transmit
  • Indoor range of 200 feet, or outdoors up to 4000 feet line-of-sight

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Bee ZB / ZigBee modules provide cost-effective wireless connectivity to devices in ZigBee mesh networks. Utilizing the ZigBee PRO Feature Set, these modules are interoperable with other ZigBee devices, including devices from other vendors. The most common factor in determining whether to use ZB is the potential need to tie-in with other ZigBee-compatible networks or mesh networking. If this is not a requirement, the series 1 802.15.4 modules may be perfectly suitable for your project.

  • Sales Package:
    1 pc x XBee 2MW Wire Antenna - Series 2C

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