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Robokart Cloud Control Robot (Advance IoT)_Aavriti IIT Bombay

  • Control Your Robot via Cloud & Home Automation
  • Learn about advance IoT

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Today's Internet technology provides a convenient way for us to develop an integrated network environment for the diversified applications of different robotic systems. To be successful in real-world applications, Internet-based robots require a high degree of autonomy and local intelligence to deal with the restricted bandwidth and arbitrary transmission delay of the Internet. This Workshop describes the first step toward building such an Internet-based robotic system. This Workshop outlines the strategy adopted for establishing two kinds of communications; One for wireless communication between a mobile Robot and a Cloud Server, Another for Wireless Communication between a Cloud Server and an Android Application. The Workshop aim is to teach student how to command and control the Robot wirelessly using cloud Server by the Android Application. That mean the robot can be controlled from any part of the World. When connected to the cloud, robots can benefit from the powerful computational, storage, and communications resources of modern data centre in the cloud, which can process and share information from various robots or agent (other machines, smart objects, humans, etc.). Humans can also delegate tasks to robots remotely through networks. Cloud computing technologies enable robot systems to be endowed with powerful capability whilst reducing costs through cloud technologies. Workshop Session Details: This is a Two Day Workshop, including a total 4 sessions. Day 1: Session 1:  Introduction to basic of Embedded System  Introduction & Explanation of Microcontrollers  Explanation of AVR ATMega328 Microcontroller  Explanation of Arduino Board & Programming Session 2:  Basic Arduino Based programs for interfacing I/O Devices  Introduction to Input & Output Devices  Explanation of AT Commands and Working of WIFI  Interfacing and Programming of WIFI with Arduino Nano Day 2: Session 3:  Assembling of Robot Mechanical Structure  Writing Program For Robot Control  Creating Application & Customizing Objects (Buttons, Joystick, Display, etc.)  Programming the Arduino Nano Board For Internet Based Control Session 4:  Testing of Mobile Application and Controlling Robot using Internet  Doubt Solving & Questionnaires  Workshop Based Challenges for Students

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     Arduino Nano Board  DC Motor  DC Motor Driver  WIFI Module  WIFI Breakout Board  Wheel Pair  Robot Chassis  Screw Packet  Screw Driver  USB Cable  Connecting Wires  Battery  Battery Adapter

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