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Robokart Health Band Workshop Kit - The Fitness Band

  • New Workshop Kit
  • Arduino based health tracker

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Health Band is an innovative solution for detecting and monitoring a person health parameter like pulse rate and body temperature as well as it act like a fitness device that counts steps covered measures the distance travelled as well as monitor the calories burned during the process. Health Band is a Smartphone synced mobile health monitoring bracelet capable of reading a human's vital signs (pulse rate and body-temperature). Health Band is an Arduino Wearable Project. The important thing of Health band is they are connected with mobile devices by Bluetooth and track the parameters of the person. Health Band that is implemented by Arduino takes data from heartbeat sensor, temperature sensor, Accelero-gyro sensor and process the data into useful parameters and sends the data to the smart phone through Bluetooth technology supported by an android application on mobile side.

  • Sales Package:
    1 Arduino Nano, 1 Bluetooth Module, 1 Gyro Sensor, 1 Temperature sensor, Wrist band, USB Cable, 9V Batteries, Connecting Wires tools and much more

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