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RoboKart Biped robot using Arduino UNO

  • Arduino Compatible
  • CNC cutting chasis used

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A DIY walking robot kit including robot body, double bearing high torque servos, battery and USB , Arduino Uno. Biped is actuated by 4 servo motors having 2 degree of freedom per leg. The computer software is included which can control up to 4servos with the controller board and provides easy to use interface for any novice user. The biped can walk forward, backward and take turns. You can also make your own moves.

  • Sales Package:
    Arduino UNO ATmega328 X1, programmer cable X 1, servo S3003 X 4, Breakout board X 1, chassis set, U clamp X 2,jumper wires, 9V battery X 2, battery connector, screw driver

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