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Robokart Robokart Smoothie Board

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1) SmoothieBoard is an easy to use G-code interpreter for all 3D Printers,laser cutters and other CNC machines. 2) The SmoothieBoard runs on the highly modular Smoothie Firmware which can run : - 3D Printers -CNC Machines - Laser Cutters 3) While most Open Source Hardware electronics run on 8 bit AVR micro-controllers,SmoothieBoard runs on a more powerful 32 bit ARM micro-controller 4) No recompilation is needed if you want to change any parameters in the config file.Simply plug the board in over USB and you will get access to the configuration file which you can modify. 5) The Board has been designed to be as useful as possible. - Stepper motor drivers are cooled by the PCB with wide copper areas which allows you to get more out of your board than with normal off-board drivers. - All the main connectors are on the border of the board which makes it easier to plug-in and makes board less clogged with cables. - Stepper motors current setting can be set digitally,which means you can set it directly in the config file. 6) The Smoothie firmware is highly modular.If you need to add any new functionality it is easy and clean to do so.Hooks have been prepared and all you need to do is plug into the right ones. 7) SmoothieBoard uses the same language as the classic RepRap firmwares i.e Marlin etc.This means all your host software,slicing software will work without any problem . 8) SmoothieBoard also makes a great upgrade for all your 3D Printers. Technical Specifications: Allegro A4982 Bipolar Stepper Drivers - up to 24 V 2A 16x micro-stepping ,digital current control. - 3 to 5 drivers depending on the chosen config. Up to 6 FET's - 3 FET's support upto 24V 5A and other 3 support 24V 12A to control external devices like hotends,fans and heatbeds. - The Board has 3 big and 3 small MOSFET's - It has lot of room to expand 4 thermistor ports,6 endstops port,SPI, I2C, UART. - Has USB,microSD slots.

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    1 pc x SmoothieBoard

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