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Robokart Robokart PrintrBoard REVD & LCD (Combo Pack)

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The PrintrBoard electronics set was designed by members of Printrbot team in order to eliminate the production and/or functionality shortcomings of older RepRap electronics. PrintrBoard improves upon the previous production-grade electronics set (Gen6) by adding heatbed and SD card support, reverting to 1/16 microstepping Allegro stepper drivers, and improving connectivity reliability and reducing cost by elimination of the FTDI UART chip. PrintrBoard is by far the fastest and most reliable RepRap motherboard to date--and at an unbeatable price. Features : Atmel AT90USB1286 Microcontroller. Four integrated Allegro A4982 Stepper Drivers. Four 5V Endstop Connectors Supplied. OnBoard SD Card Slot. 2 N-MOSFETs for Extruder and HeatBed control. 1 N-MOSFET for low power Fan or motor. Revision D. Green Power LED. 4 layer, 2oz Cu PCB with ENIG Finish -- Excellent current handling & thermal dissipation. LUFA CDC Bootloader and Marlin RC2 firmware Pre-Installed. Offers additional 14 Pin Headers for Expansion and Developement. (Note: EXP1 and ICSP header pins on Printrboard are used to provide smart LCD support , LCD adapter is connected here. Dual Extruder board is connected at EXP2 on printrboard.) Softwares : Aurdino For Printrboard- For Working PrintrBoard Board Configuration Marlin Firmware - Lincomatic Marlin for PrintrBoard CDC - CDC BootLoader For PrintrBoard With Smart LCD Controller you can print without a PC. Kit Includes below items : PrintrBoard REV D with Install Kit 1) 3 Pieces of 3 Pin Molex with Mechanical switch Pre Soldered. 2) 2 Pieces of 2 Pin High Temperature Molex (for Thermistor). 3) 1 Piece of 2 Pin Molex (for Fan). 4) 2 Pieces of 4 Pin High Temperature Molex (for Heaters). 5) 1 Piece of Micro USB cable. 6) Resistor 7) Thermistor 8) 4 Pin ATX Connector LCD with Install kit : 1) LCD Controller 2) 12 Pin Flat Cable 3) Adapter for PrinterBoard 4) Knob 5) 4GB MicroSD Card The Panelolu2 is an advance of the original Panelolu. By using the I2C protocol it drives the LCD screen, a buzzer and three indication LEDs while using less pins than the original. This means free pins to drive additional fans or whatever else you like. Rotary switch allows to browse through all Menu options. It eliminates the need of computer to operate 3D printer, by allowing printing with SD card. Connect LCD to the "EXP2" slot on Printrboard.

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    1 pc x PrintrBoard REVD & LCD (Combo Pack)

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