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Robokart NEMA17 Stepper Motors with Molex Connectors (Taiwan Make) Pack of 5

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Specification for NEMA17 Stepper Motors: Rated Voltage : 2.8 V Current / Phase : 1.7 A Resistance / Phase : 1.7 Ohm Inductance / Phase : 2.3 mH Holding Torque : 4.4 Kg-cm No. of Leads : 4 Rotor Inertia : 68 g-cm2 5mm Single Shaft Step Angle : 1.8 Length : 47mm It is fitted with a 4way Molex connector and 75cm cables (Housing). D-shaft which reduce drive gear/pulley slipping issue. The cables are enclosed within a Heat shrinkable sleeve. Set of 5 Motors are best for RepRap 3D printers, delta 3D printers, CNC machines, robots. Note : Most 3D printers use 5 Stepper motors. To connet two motors together you will need Z prusa cable (also called as Y cable). Set of 5 motors do not include Z prusa cable. To include prusa cable in set, select above option of " Add Z prusa cable".

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    4 pc x Stepper motor NEMA17 with Molex connector

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