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Robokart SS MK7 Drive Gear

  • Economically Priced.
  • Economically Priced.

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SS MK7 Drive Gear. Specification : Material : Stainless Steel Height : 11mm Inner Diameter : 5mm Outer Diameter : 12.8mm Uses : MK7 Drive gear is used in all types of Extruder to make filament pushing mechanism more swift.It is filament drive gear. It's CNC machined sharp teeth gives fine grip over filament, allows filament to go into Hotend.It is used in both 1.75 and 3mm Hotends.Bore Diameter of 5mm allows drive gear to fit on Stepper Motor shaft. Grub screws are given to secure it tightly on motor shaft.Because of its easy availability, durability, effectiveness , it can be used in custom Extruder designs.

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    1 pc x SS MK7 Drive Gear

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