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GeniLAB GeniLAB Mini

  • Oscilloscope ? 2 channels, sampling rate of 1msps, 12-bit resolution
  • Logic Analyzer ? 4 channels input up to 5V.

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GeniLab, or Genius LAB as we call it, is a fully equipped LAB in itself. This kit enables electronics students/enthusiast to create electronic circuits and instantaneously validate them using the on-kit test instruments. The kit is powered by a re-chargeable battery, and can easily be charged by a standard 5V DC adapter or even your smart phone charger that supports the USB interface! The kit is easy to handle and portable, removing the dependency of bulky lab instruments that are only accessible in college labs. This product is not only for students but also for hobbyists and technology enthusiasts. 5V, 3.3V Fixed power supply Rising/falling edge triggering modes Different capturing modes ? Single, Continuous and Roll over mode Horizontal and Vertical Cursors Both USB and DC 5V powered Rechargeable Li-ion Single Cell battery Banks of various Analog Components of generic values such as Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes,Transistors,switces,Led,Potentiometers Banks of Digital Components such as Logic Gates, Flip-Flops, Shift Registers, 555 Timer. A breadboard to make circuits

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    KIT,user mannual,jumper wire,charger

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