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Robokart Hexacopter Mega DIY Kit With Flip32+ (V2.3 Rev6.) 10dof Flight Control Board

  • Ease to use.
  • Ease of assemble & de-assemble.

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This kit contains Hexacopter frame, BLDC motors, ESCs and propellers, FLIP32+ (V2.3 REV6) Control Board to help you quickly build your own Hexacopter. The R550 frame is a 550mm hexacopter frame built from quality materials. The main frame is glass fiber while the arms are constructed from ultra durable poly-amide nylon.

  • Sales Package:
    1 x R550 Hexacopter Frame with Integrated PCB for Easy Wiring.6 x Brushless DC Out runner Motor 1000 KV.6 x BLDC ESC 30 A.3 x 10 x 4.5 inch Pusher and Puller Propeller Matched Pair.1 x FLIP32+ (V2.3 REV6.)Flight Control Board.

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