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Best Teachers

Highly experience tutors from top 10% universities of India


Live & Interactive

Two-way interactive session works better than recorded classes


World Class Curriculum and Innovative Pedagogy

Activity based learning paced with school syllabus


Coding Is The New Literacy

To thrive in tomorrow's world, children must learn to design, create and express using digital technologies

IQ & Logical Reasoning

Coding improves a child's reasoning and problem solving skills. It also enhances their ability to understand abstract concepts


This is one of the most important skills for the future. Coding transforms your child from a consumer of technology to a creator of technology

How itWorks?


Step 1

Book a coding class with us. All you need to attend the session is a laptop with good internet connectivity.

Step 2

Our team will reach out to you to help you schedule the class.

Step 3

Our coding experts will take ONE HOUR of coding session with your child.

Step 4

If you like the session, you can continue by buying any of the available class packages

Step 5

We will schedule your weekly sessions (recommended 2-3 sessions per week) and your child can continue the learning journey with us.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

After spending 7 years in the industry and serving more than 1 lac+ makers to encourage them for not ending up as consumer but to become a creator. More and more request started coming for workshops and labs from many parts of India. It was clear that young adults are looking to create and help India in terms of technological innovation but kids are not supported with such facility. This is how we thought that many people will open up a centre to help community and parallely make good earning source.

Yes! Our home office team is truly amazing and here to help you any step of the way. We love working with and supporting our franchisees and make the promise to go above and beyond to make our Maker Space family feel supported. Our Franchise Business consultants will work closely with you and will visit your store regularly to help you grow your business!

No, our all courses are online and well supported by our own tech consultant via video chat and screen share. We will also offer free of cost training on helping kids during the course.

Invest If you’ve heart and mind of entrepreneurship, you can open maker space.

Approximately INR 4-5 Lac investment is needed for opening up a centre.

Maker space is award winning futuristic franchise, but nothing is easy in this world. It depends on marketing campaign done to promote maker space in the nearby community. But robotics, drones, 3D Printing will be taught inside the maker space, so you can imagine the growth. To increase the revenue we have innovative ideas such as STEM Birthday Parties, on demand lecture series, weekend programs. You will also be able to sell STEM Labs to nearby schools and generate revenues. Our team will be at your help for campaigns and strategies.