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Review of Criteria

For owning Robokart maker space we've kept some basic criteria, for the ease we've listed a few here. Owning / leasing 250-300 Sqft area Understand of involvement in day to day operation Technical knowledge will be an extra bonus Teachers / Existing class owner who has access to children is beneficial Past ownership / entrepreneurship experience will be helpful Professionals / IT Jobs / House makers are also welcome to own Robokart Maker Space Marketing skills will be beneficial Strong bonds within locality


You can apply here from the website, looking at the details filled within the form will be reviewed and representative will connect your for business and step closer to own Robokart Maker Space.

Meetings & Talks

After the review of application and meetings with our franchisee representative, you will now have estimate of the cost of setup and expected returns on investment.

Pick the Maker Space

This is very important to locate your maker space since you will be helping makers community of your surrounding location and nearby location.

Let's make a team

If all goes well, we will make you an offer and franchisee agreement. Once you accept and pay the fees; you are just a small step away from opening Robokart Maker Space

Design & Training !!!

Our team will visit to plan design of the Maker Space and on the completion of infrastructure work, our Technology team will visit you for some basic training to know Maker Space equipment and how will it work. This will help you generate local business opportunity by showcasing demo's to clients.

Celebrate new journey with Makers of Tomorrow

Try to keep grand opening with good number of visitor can lead to grab day 1 attention. Get the makers community started at your region.

Ready To Get Started

Do you have the heartand mind of an entrepreneur?

1. I'm comfortable taking risks.

There’s always some level of risk involved with owning a business. If you're comfortable taking educated risks, this could put you out in front.

2. Are you constantly thinking of new ways to make something better or easier?

This is the true sign of an entrepreneur! These are the people whose minds continously innovate, reinvent and rethink the world around them.

3. I like to lead.

Owning a business requires a take-charge attitude plus the instincts to know how to motivate people. If you have a history of leadership, you could be well suited for running and growing a business.

4. I can deal with a little drama every now and then.

So here’s the deal. Owning a business is a little like riding a roller coaster. It’s definitely an adventure, and ups and downs are guaranteed. If you prefer a steady, predictable day you might be happier elsewhere.

5. I’m good with wearing different hats.

Running a business involves all kinds of tasks, from marketing and merchandising to customer relations and a whole lot more. If versatility comes naturally to you, you could have the spirit of an entrepreneur.

6. I love surprises. They make life more exciting.

When it comes to owning a business, the first rule is – expect the unexpected. There are always unknown factors around every corner, and if you’re not afraid of the unknown, you’re probably cut out to be a business owner.

7. I’m a pit bull when it comes to solving problems.

Business ownership requires a relentless approach to solving problems and finding ways around roadblocks. If this is the way you approach a challenge, you’d probably do well as a business owner.

8. I love anything new and progressive.

One of the few things you can count on as an entrepreneur is that business is always evolving. If you love a constantly changing industry, business ownership is likely for you.

9. I’m good at commitment – in sickness and in health.

Like marriage, owning a business requires commitment. And like marriage, it’s also full of good times and difficult times. If you’re not one to stick it out, regardless of the circumstances, then owning a business may not be a fit for you.

10. When I was a kid I started a couple of businesses.

If you were that kid in the neighborhood who walked dogs, mowed lawns or ran a lemonade stand, your aptitude for business ownership was most likely cultivated at a very young age.

You scored a

If you answered YES five or more times, then you could be wired for business ownership, which also means you may do well as a Robokart Maker Space Franchisee. It’s a great way to be your own boss and serve an entire community. Apply today and see what happens!

Apply now

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Robokart Maker Space started ?

After spending 7 years in the industry and serving more than 1 lac+ makers to encourage them for not ending up as consumer but to become a creator. More and more request started coming for workshops and labs from many parts of India. It was clear that young adults are looking to create and help India in terms of technological innovation but kids are not supported with such facility. This is how we thought that many people will open up a centre to help community and parallely make good earning source.

Yes! Our home office team is truly amazing and here to help you any step of the way. We love working with and supporting our franchisees and make the promise to go above and beyond to make our Maker Space family feel supported. Our Franchise Business consultants will work closely with you and will visit your store regularly to help you grow your business!

No, our all courses are online and well supported by our own tech consultant via video chat and screen share. We will also offer free of cost training on helping kids during the course.

Franchisee with Robokart is a big move. But it’s also a smart move, and probably easier than you think. In just 40 Days, you can be holding the keys to your very own Robokart Maker Space! Whether you're interested in franchising a single maker space or multiple maker space, you’ll have access to a Franchise Sales Representative who will answer your questions and walk with you through every step of the process. Take a quick look at what your journey to Robokart Maker Space ownership looks like. Robokart maker space truly enable you to provide personalised technological learning experience. Our content is fun way to learn need of time learning leads to Robotics, Electronics, 3D Printers, IoT and Automation. But can it be personalised learning ? Yes with Robokart Maker Space, this can be possible.

What is the investment required for setting up Maker Space ?

Approximately INR 4-5 Lac investment is needed for opening up a centre.

Maker space is award winning futuristic franchise, but nothing is easy in this world. It depends on marketing campaign done to promote maker space in the nearby community. But robotics, drones, 3D Printing will be taught inside the maker space, so you can imagine the growth. To increase the revenue we have innovative ideas such as STEM Birthday Parties, on demand lecture series, weekend programs. You will also be able to sell STEM Labs to nearby schools and generate revenues. Our team will be at your help for campaigns and strategies.