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Company Overview

Robokart started in November 2014 with very small team and product range of about 250 on the portal with very unique products which can help learners to design and develop refine products. After receiving response from learners pan India, we started to take supplementary training in various schools & colleges to teach robotics, augmented reality, 3D Printers, Android app design etc which helped students to learn by practicing the subject.

Our program is design such a way that it provides an amazing learning opportunity by doing it practically, loved by students & teachers and trusted by 1000+ schools, colleges and universities like yours.

Now we have more than 1 Lac learners who’ve either learnt from us directly or bought our products online at

Robokart will soon launch another module which will enable learners to learn without attending training programs physically. Our online course will help to kickstart and explore early interest in the technology.

Product creators, event organizer and teachers will be able to join robokart team by providing products to sell, event to host and course to learn at robokart.

More updates on robokart will be coming soon.