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Over the years mankind has survived holocaust, slavery, nuclear wars, fatal diseases, etc. And again we find ourselves in a similar situation (i.e) The Covid- 19 pandemic. This deadly virus has not only cost us our lives, but also our livelihood. Humans being  social animals are supposed to maintain social distance, quite the irony. Nonetheless we have been tackling this

situation for the past 6 to 7 months by creative working, restricting ourselves into our homes to protect ourselves and our loved one’s. 

The world is at a stand still. There are so many problems to deal with such as medical supplies, a failing economy, protecting the poor, etc. Everyone is focussing on the big picture but what about the small things, Yes you’re right, our kids. Students are not able to go to school irrespective of their age. Final year students are not able to graduate as exams cannot be conducted in such situations. We have still tackled the situation by evaluating students throughout their past year’s progress as per which they have promoted to their ascending  grade. But, now what? What  are the next steps? How do we reboot the education sector so that it does not affect the schooling of our kids?


There are various questions in our mind as this has never happened before and we don’t have answers for it. So what do we do? Sometimes the answer is much simpler than we expect them to be.Yes! The answer is, we just have to find people who can answer our questions.



There are various questions in our mind as this has never happened before and we don’t have answers for it. So what do we do? Sometimes the answer is much simpler than we expect them to be.Yes! The answer is, we just have to find people who can answer our questions.


Robokart is a firm that educates people about STEM, Robotics & Coding. It has provided supplementary training in various schools & colleges to teach robotics, augmented reality, 3D Printers, Android app design etc which helped students to learn by practicing the subject. They are loved by students & teachers and are trusted by 1000+ schools, colleges and universities.


They have come with a very fascinating solution where they have their own podcasts named Education Matters. Where they feature different experts who are connected to the field of education and worked in it for more than a decade. They interview these great minds and ask them these questions which can help us understand the severity of the situation and how we can cope with it. How do they see the future of the education sector for different fields as well. 



Following are few of the questions that are been discussed in these podcasts by none other than the CEO of the company Mr. Ritesh Shah:


  • Online Education
  • Skill learning v/s Degree
  • nnovation in Education
  • Challenges in Online Education, Teachers & Students Comfort
  • Covid crisis from School Prospective, Challenges & its Future 


People Like Dr. Vivek Nanoti ( Principal PIET Nagpur, Ph.D Applied Physics), Dr. Unnat Pandit ( Professor at JNU, Former Program Director at AIM, NITI Aayog), Anand Chawla ( IT Director of Podar Education Network), Dr. Vinay Jain ( CEO & Managing Director of WITTY Group Of Institutes) and many more who have shared their experiences & answered the above-mentioned questions and discussed it in detail with the audience. You can find these podcasts on our youtube channel:


In one of the podcasts Dr. Vinod Nanoti discussed his work where he runs a program to educate teachers about the upgrades in the system. Where he strongly believes that students are very smart as they are tech savvy and are equipped with the technology so to teach them teachers need to upgrade their teaching methods by learning about smart class rooms, how to engage kids in lectures so they find the content resourceful. They have a 4 day program where they teach different teachers about the above mentioned topics. They have taught around 5000+ teachers pan India. He is in constant touch with various universities as University of Berlin, Business School Of Lisbon and different Israel universities where he constantly learns about the teachings upgrades and studies about the Green Economy as well.


As the online education started there were many queries regarding the teaching process & learning process, technical support such as internet and computers etc. these were few of the questions that any parent has while enrolling their kids in the school. Mr.Anand Chawla provided a solution which they themselves implemented in their schools. As they had been updating the student database since 2010, the transmission was not that difficult for online education. The first thing that they did was conducting surveys internally with the students so that they could see whether everyone had the hardware for online education so that they could make a structure to carry out their live sessions for teaching. The students who did have the systems with them were provided with pre recorded lectures so that they can download it and have their session at their convenience . An online platform was constructed to share worksheets for practice which could be downloaded and solved on the phone itself, after which they just need to upload the document on the portal where the respective teachers can assess their work and grade them accordingly.  


These solutions can be adopted by different other schools or private teachers who are looking to teach students as well as it assures parents about the working of the school’s working and the learning system for their kid.


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I believe it's a wonderful step forward in making students' life much more simple and especially parents who constantly work their way through this pandemic day in day out so that they can see their kid to grow up and become what they aspire to be.


Stay Home. Stay Safe