Raspberry Pi with IOT & AI

Raspberry Pi with IOT & AI

Topic : Robotics


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Features Includes:
  • 08 lectures
  • 32 Hours
  • 38 Students Enrolled
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of Completion

Course aims to make you build your own Alexa Ai bot, twitter Bot, FM radio station project and much more with help of Raspberry pi and python language. And you will learn how to interface different type’s sensors with Raspberry pi and making it run live.

Each project gives immense opportunity to see things differently with perfect combination of Hardware and software. .

Learn to create algorithm based logic building coding environment, provides opportunity to beginner and expert to code with ease.

Debugging was never so much fun when you have to do it with robots, Raspberry pi and sensor.

Debugging was never so much fun when you have to do it with robots, controller and sensor.

20+ hours of content with AI enable portal helps you learn at your convenient timings round the clock with period test and certification at the end of the course.

What Will I Learn?

Our beginner course lets you explore the world of mechanics, electronics, sensors, problem solving and creativity. You will be mastering each of these skills by taking this course. It is best suitable for the once who just want to kick start the Tech Journey and dive into the world of robotics.

  • Creativity & Problem Solving
  • Logic Building
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Mechanics & Design
  • Electronics
  • Coding

AI Assisted Portal

It helps you on what to learn, when to learn and how much to learn.

It’s not just a tutorial, it’s like watching movies by our truly personalise learning experience .

AI Assisted Portal

Periodic tests helps you analyze and master skill that needs more attention .

Get a certificate at the end of the course helps you move faster in your career.

You can review the course after purchasing and completing the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do use smart devices like watch, mobile phone and now a days even smart TV. You know today even you can control your entire home using a mobile app ? If you are facinated to this and want to exploe more then this is the perfect course where we will take deep dive into Python programming, Raspbion OS and interfacing more than 10 Input and output periferals. Even skills of amazon alexa will be covered using Raspberry pi.

This course contains 20+ real time projects which will be done practically. All the projects are well explained by our great work of animation. Such projects like controlling devices like AC, Fan using mobile app to asking "Alexa what is the weather today" will be covered in the course.

Anyone who wants to upskill your tech knowledge from school students to college going engineering UG or working professional can take this course. Our community has all the ages starts from 12+ to 35 yrs old have taken this course and appreciated.

It provides great experience to students and give them their own time and space to learn without worrying about anything. Revision is possible any number of times. Online learning is proved to be more comfortable. But our experienced engineers will be available online for doubt solving through video call, screen share and chat.

We have designed this course after doing experiments with more than 200+ kids, young adults of age 9 to 12 yrs old. Course structure and projects are designed after consulting with industry experts, entreprenurs and schools heads. We have prior experience of training 1+ lac students, 5000+ teachers covering all major IIT's, NIT's and deemed universities from India, Dubai, Kuwait and Nepal. We have designed all of our courses to be our best creation until today. So do not worry and enrol, you will have great learning at the end of the course.