Drone THE QUADCOPTER for beginners in Hindi

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Drone THE QUADCOPTER for beginners in Hindi

Topic : Drone


4.5 :

Features Includes:
  • 10 lectures
  • 20 Hours
  • 1194 Students Enrolled
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of Completion

Course helps children to develop a strong foundation for the technological world.

Early access to component level understanding like coreless motor, Frames, Programming Board and so much more..... .

Conceptual learning of Drone theories through Programmable board, Propeller ,Frames,Battery,Voltage like so many others with high levels of animation help children to learn with ease.

Build realtime 12+ projects in the span of just 3 months, mastering basic and advanced level of understanding.

Our kit provides an opportunity to build 100 projects, tech playtime will never end and it will take curiosity to its peak.

20+ hours of online content with AI enable portal helps you learn at your convenient timings round the clock with period test and certification at the end of the course.

What Will I Learn?

Our Drone course as the name suggests, it’s your first step towards Drone learning. Course aims to explore the Drone Real time Flying mode, Programming Mode and problem solving You will be mastering each of these skills by attending this course.

  • Basics to advanced
  • Assembling Drone
  • Disassembling Drone
  • Programm
  • Debugging
  • Complex projects
  • Confidence
  • Logical thinking

AI Assisted Portal

It helps you on what to learn, when to learn and how much to learn.

It’s not just a tutorial, it’s like watching movies by our truly personalise learning experience .

AI Assisted Portal

Periodic tests helps you analyze and master skill that needs more attention .

Get a certificate at the end of the course helps you move faster in your career.

You can review the course after purchasing and completing the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Robotics is an interdisciplinary learning environment based on the use of robots and electronic components as the common thread to enhance the development of skills and competencies in children and teenagers.

Robokart is the world's 1st AI Enabled platform for kids to learn Robotics, Coding, Drone Tech, IoT. Our courses are designed for kids of the age group 6-18. The courses are designed by experts who’ve taught IIT’ans. Child will not only learn through our animated videos but will be involved in working with our kits designed by IIT’ans, Industry experts and professionals. Thus making sure that child will learn, create and become the creator. We have divided the course as beginner, intermediate and advanced as per age group of the child. Child specifically builds their algorithmic thinking, logic building via the course helping them for the future. For details about the course curriculum please visit robokart.com/courses.

We ensure that the learning experience for the kids is unparalleled and hence, the courses are designed with state of the art hardware kit. Different kids have a different pace of understanding and hence our courses comes with lifetime access with 1:1 live doubt solving session with expert teaching at IIT’s. The curriculum is developed by IIT, L&T and Amazon Alumni. Also, our students have built projects and products which have won state and national awards. Read about it here

Our courses improve kids’ concentration by 75%. There is a significant increase in logical and abstract thinking. Also since robotics is directly related to mathematics, science, engineering, technology, kids who learn with us are more confident in STEM subjects. 

Kids learn creation, design, assembly, and operation of robots and thus help them to develop important skills such as logic, debugging, structure, and algorithmic thinking. It also teaches them to work in a team, it brings out leadership qualities, decision making and problem solving skills which are very important in current times.

Till now Robokart has conducted 100,000+ hours of training and has 10,000+ paid students. We have 1000+ 5-star reviews.

The classes are conducted online over the internet. The minimum requirement to take the classes are: Desktop/Laptop, Webcam (Most laptops have webcams) for doubt session, High-Speed Internet connection

We have our maker spaces across India with 30 locations. It will be operational as per the guidelines stated by state and central govt due to ongoing covid issues.

Kids develop a persistent way of thinking. Robotics balances left and right brain, convergent and divergent thinking, to enable peak creative expression. We have seen 100’s of projects developed by kids to solve real time problems such as sanitizer vending machine, face shields, and home security system using IoT.  Our courses aim to make a child a creator versus the consumer of the technology.

In these courses child gets to work on real hardware kit. On addition to it, child gets lifetime access to the course, this means it is not dependent to the fix number of classes. Our expert mentor will help child today, tomorrow or even after 6 months. Where as in coding class, once the designated classes are completed, child doesn't get the acces to the teacher unless you pay more. In this course, child will create many projects himself, thus he/she will create, fail, re-invent, where as in the case of live class, tutor has a target to complete particular chapter, tutor won't lead child to commit any mistake, meaning child will never learn to debug. Our courses leads child on a real path to become a creator than just a learner or rather quite listener. Most important, we use course module and hardware kit designed in-house completely in india, where as most of the live classes are using free websites to teach coding to kids where even the complete syllabus, projects and 100% of the content is available for completely free of cost.